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Missy the Werecat                                        Dec 2013

Missy Goes to West Point                            Jan 2014

Missy’s First Mission                                     Jul 2014

Missy’s Misadventure                                  Dec 2014

Missy Makes Mayhem                                  Sep 2015

Missy’s Operation Lily Pad                          Sep 2017

Missy’s Operation Demon Lore                    Oct 2018

Tracy the Fire Witch                                     Dec 2019

Missy Goes to Hong Kong                           Mar 2020

Tracy Plays Demon                                        Jan 2021

Missy Goes to Annapolis                              Jun 2021

More Missy Adventures at Annapolis        Jun 2022

Tracy’s Trials and Tribulations                   Aug 2022

Missy’s Return to West Point                     Apr 2023

35 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What a wonderful story! Just read your first Missy the Werecat novel. Very well done in all respects – I am glad to see there are more available.

  2. I loved the series I believe it should be made into a tv show . I can’t wait to open the next book. By the by when is the next book going to be out.

  3. Having just read all 6 Missy books and loved them to bits. Read some of them all through the night as couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Please please give us some more. Plots and characters have really evolved since the first book and would like to see further developments.

  4. Brilliant story line. I am now on my second reading of the 7 Missy books, along with all the other comments above, I cannot wait for the next instalment of the Missy adventures

  5. Just read Tracy The Fire Witch. There was mention of the means by which the Tremblays gained a pack. I wonder at the chances of you publishing it as a short story (the actual event). I suspect and/or hope it is in the upcoming Missy book (8)… but I needz me some Missy…and an appetizer wouldn’t hurt.

    About the Tracy Book! Excellent work! It brought her into the world you created better than her role in other books. Thank you for publishing it!

  6. I love the Missy the werecat books. I’ve just finished reading Missy’s operation lily pad and I plan on getting the next one in the series. Thank you P. G. Allison. By the way, you don’t have to be young to enjoy these books. I will be 65 next month (April).

  7. I just got the third book and the whole series is a very enjoyable read. Good character development and lots of action and intrigue. And the romance is heartwarming. Keep up the awesome writing and thanks for the happiness. =_)

  8. Missy Goes To Hong Kong is the best Missy book yet! Love that it was longer and had a lot of action and told how Missy becomes to pack Alpha. So many storylines and really ties up so many threads. It is going to be hard to wait for the next book. Keep up the great work and please, please write fast! 😊😊

  9. This is an awesome series that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Its great to see a young heroine not yet in her mid twenties command such respect. Not only that, but looking out for others as well. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  10. Just discovered this series the end of last week, I have already read every book in the series. Hope it won’t be another year or two before the next. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys strong female characters and fantasy romance adventure.

  11. I have loved reading about Missy and friends since Missy the Werecat was published. Have read the entire series at least once a year since. Looking forward to whatever comes after Hong Kong. Hoping the series stays around long enough for Missy to graduate and join the armed forces and just keeps on going. Loved Tracy’s book and looking forward to other friends getting the spotlight. I will keep track of Missy.

  12. I really enjoy this series and I love recommending this series to new readers. She works to improve herself and others while fighting for her country. Always going forward in life.

  13. Really fun and engaging series. I’ve enjoyed watching Missy and the whole group of other characters grow and get more interesting. I am looking forward to a new installment to this really great series. Almost can’t wait to see what’s in store for Missy and her friends.

  14. Very interesting series. Light fast reading that keeps your attention. Books progress on a tight timeline and excellent continuity and excellent character development. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. Enjoyed all 9 Missy and 2 Tracy books.

  15. I have read all 9 books and enjoyed them all very much. I get started on one and am distracted from everything else until I finish it. Looking forward to the next book.

  16. As a West Point grad, I am amazed at the accuracy and nuances of life at the academies. Well done. I enjoy the stories and look forward to the next book.

  17. Please tell me you are having the next missy book out soon!?! I just re read all of them and I want to know what she dose next. I love this series.

  18. I love the strong characters you have written. May Missy and her friends continue their epic journey through life, college, love, and patriotic duty. I want to see much more.

  19. I just finished reading your latest Missy epic. I have enjoyed each book and can’t wait forth either next one The problem I have is I can’t put the book down once I’ve started reading it. So please keep writing these great books. Thanks for the enjoyment 👍

  20. As I read through the comments, there was one I really could relate to. My birthday is coming up in December, when I celebrate my 72nd birthday. I read each book as soon as I could get it. When I had completed the series (books 1-9 at the time) I reread the entire series twice. When news of book 10 arrived, I jumped in and paid, waiting for the release date. I’ve now read this book twice. It feels like the story is just getting started, and I anxiously await for more books to come. They must. We MUST get the girl graduated from West Point, right? By the way, I’m an old military retiree, Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force and love seeing a bit of the other fine services.

  21. Great series so far can’t wait to see what Missy ends up doing after she returns to West point after the exchange.

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