Welcome to my site!

After two years, Missy’s next adventure has finally now been published!   Here’s the cover:



My published books (available from Amazon)

Missy the Werecat                      Dec 2013

Missy Goes to West Point          Jan 2014

Missy’s First Mission                   Jul 2014

Missy’s Misadventure                 Dec 2014

Missy Makes Mayhem                Sep 2015

      Missy’s Operation Lily Pad       Sep 2017


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks for the new release (Operation Lily Pad)! It quickly became my favorite in the set, and I enjoyed the story immensely.

  2. What a wonderful story! Just read your first Missy the Werecat novel. Very well done in all respects – I am glad to see there are more available.

  3. I loved the series I believe it should be made into a tv show . I can’t wait to open the next book. By the by when is the next book going to be out.

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